Monday, October 6, 2014

Honeyversary -- Ten Days, Eleven Pictures

Recreating one of our wedding pictures from nearly 16 years ago. Until now, we hadn't been back to that same temple.

One short, sweet day of catching up with loved ones.

S. and his sister, making marathon memories together.

Looking out over Canyonlands National Park.

At 'Park Avenue' in Arches.

Our unusual digs in Moab.

The most amazing place we've ever stayed. This one-bedroom, one-bath house supplied its own water, electricity, and passive heating and cooling, and was gorgeous and comfy to boot. Serious off-grid luxury.

Contemplating the 400-year-old San Miguel Chapel.

Yes, we did! This one's been on S.'s bucket list forever, and it was even more wonderful than we had hoped.

On top of the world at almost 11,000 feet in the Sandias.

Finally, the Balloon Fiesta, packed with hundreds of hot-air balloons going up all around us.
We're glad to be reunited back home -- now we just have to make a new bucket list! 
And save up money for 16 more years...

A BIG shout-out to the families who made it possible by taking our four kids, during the school year, for over 10 days. 

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