Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lucy's Corner: Pot of Gold

Last week Lucy brought home a writing assignment for St. Patrick's Day.  As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, Lucy is not one to make you guess her mental state:

"If I had a pot of gold I would use some of it to get a stuffedanimal. I would play with my new stuffedanimal.  Then I would give the rest of my money to the poor.  I would be famus!  I would be so famus that I would get more money!  And again I would use it to help the poor.  The End."

I love how transparent that girl is.  This is the child who made her mother promise to vote for her when she runs for president someday.  This is also the girl who feels particularly bad for "people who don't have sinks" and remembers them often in her prayers.  Of such is the kingdom of heaven, and thank goodness for that.

Sound Effects

Lucy chose to make Jell-O for Family Home Evening refreshments.  Add some kids and straws, and it's a hoot.