Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Days of Summer

Dear Teacher,

This is how we spent our summer vacation. We:

-saw cousins

-went to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden
-said goodbye to a pet

-chilled out along the Brandywine

-took a family bike ride

-dressed up

-slipped and slid

-waded into the Huron River

-showed Grandma how to bowl

-ate pancakes every Sunday night

-tended a friend's garden

-camped at Cape Henlopen

-hiked to a salt marsh

-parted the sea

-made an unholy mess of ourselves

-grew a few gourds

-bounded back into school

-camped with the cub scouts at Lums Pond

-got Lucy back into soccer
- and set down roots in a great place.

I'm sure there were some dull and tedious moments in there somewhere, but we forgot to take pictures of those. Is that enough, Teacher? Can we play outside now?

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Q: Why aren't children allowed to watch movies about pirates?
A: Because they're rated arrrr.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best of All

Something this week made me think of photography, and though S. and I are certainly of the humbler variety, I collected an album of my tippy-top favorites since we got our digital camera in April of 2007. I'm sure S. would pick different ones, we often differ in our taste, but this hopefully represents not just pictures that you would be interested in because you know the faces of our kids that are in them, but also just good photos in their own artistic merits. Have a happy week!

OK, I'm now realizing some weak points in our organization/storage of photos. It seems you can't view these photos without joining snapfish, and some of them are older (before our current computer) and I'm not sure I have copies anywhere else. But to my chagrin, I just discovered they charge me 25 cents to download them again (my own photos)! I am shocked and dismayed. So, I'm going to briefly (say, all of September) change my snapfish password to, let's see, monopoly, so you can all just log in as me and look at them. So, and monopoly, and don't spread the word too far or edit my photos, right? I'm trusting to my blog's limited readership for this brief privacy gamble...