Sunday, February 5, 2012


Last year during one of my long runs I found a back entrance into White Clay Creek State Park where it intersects with the Mason Dixon Trail.  On our first family walk there we spotted a mother and baby beaver frolicking through the water, so now it's easy to get the kids to go back:

Parents:  Who wants to go for a hike?
Kids:  NOOooooooo!
Parents: Remember where we saw that baby beaver?
Kids: Yaaayyy!

We want our kids to be explorers, to learn that every venture into the wild carries its own unexpected rewards, to realize that, whereas store-bought entertainments very rarely meet expectations, modest nature will surprise you every time.  It's a beautiful world, if you're willing to get a little dirty.

 The beaver lodge

 One of the beaver dams

 And another one

Another great spot Sage and Ian found off the beaten path 

 Something (moss?) growing where the old bark fell away