Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Kids' Devices

...As in, leaving them to their own...

They got out the paints, one of those free local papers, and the camera, and documented their own creativity.
In case you can't quite read it (we couldn't), the one poster's subtitle says "because he's awe-some".  
And fitness center lady also has really beautiful, delicately painted nails done by Sage, but I guess they didn't make it into the photo.  
They really were the crowning touch though, so try to imagine a glistening row of little red paint dots on the newspaper image of a hand.

S. and I have tried pretty conscientiously to give our kids practice in entertaining themselves -- by taking them on 11-hour car trips (without DVDs or iPods, folks) and not having any TV channels or video game systems, among other things.  They don't get outside in the yard as much as S. would like considering that's he strapped down by the mortgage for that yard, but overall they're finding good old-fashioned ways to thrive.  

Including, apparently, decking out Elvis impersonators to look like romantic French heroes.