Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holly Jolly

Some of our sweetest moments this year weren't from Santa, though he was sure a hit in his own way. Nora-Baby was a bit on the fussy side (earache? we're not sure) and needed extra love, but what better day to give it than Christmas? To our surprise however, Nora was the fussiest one of the kids -- the other children shared, shared, shared with goodwill all day. OK, almost all day. But it was a very pleasant surprise.

Also sweet was the exchange of homemade gifts among ourselves that is becoming a wonderful tradition. Last year when pennies were scarce we drew names to make something creative to fill up the space under the tree. We did it again this year, and all the bigger kids were really able to make their own contribution this time. The resulting gifts, and the time spent secretly working on them together, were our most cherished parts of the holiday. We took a group photo to show them off, which I've posted below. Ian and Dad painted pottery for Mom and Lucy, while Lucy made Mancala beads for Ian's game out of oven-bake clay painted with nail polish. We ruined a set of clothes working on that one, but all for the greater good. Mom made Sage a giant scrapbook-type poster for her wall, and Sage embroidered Dad a new handkerchief ALL by herself after practice on a scrap with Mom.

The day ended with a Christmas dinner which most of the kids didn't eat, despite not having eaten lunch or much breakfast besides candy canes, but which was yummy for S. and I. We look forward to eating the leftovers.

Love to you all, and a very merry Christmas!
(Posted by K., in her blogging debut.)

The first glimpse of Christmas bounty

S.'s gifts are well-received

The best gift is love

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best Laid Plans

a week before Christmas I'm
in the basement opening
an old suitcase and there it is
inches from my face running
for the corner a streak of gray
chased by the long slender tail

in the night I lay two traps
each saying take eat be welcome
in my house each easy and cold
and lying in bed I cannot sleep
listening for the fall so sure
of which I am the cause

as I saw her in precaution so I
see her in daylight small
and calm beneath the trap and
only then looking to the corner
and the second upturned trap
do I see at last and clearly
the shape of things I have chosen

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It's a sign of how long we've been married that it took me a full week after our nine-year anniversary before I found the time or the energy to post these pictures. Last week on our anniversary I played hooky from work so K. and I could spend the afternoon at the Brandywine River Museum. In the evening we opted to take the kids with us to the restaurant so that they would know that it was a special day for our whole family. Years ago, when we were sitting in the Bountiful Temple waiting to be married, I think we both knew that we were on the verge of something of great scope, but I don't think either of us foresaw the days we live in now, with four other voices in the house, in the car, always in our ears. We chose this life with our eyes open, but the details still have the ability to astonish.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Nora's Corner: It's the Great Pumpkin

This was Nora about a month ago:

She's growing right before our eyes.