Sunday, January 30, 2011


Nora went to a superhero-themed birthday party on Saturday, and has been sporting her personalized cape and mask ever since. This clip was an attempt to recapture a particularly fanciful kazaam she placed on her big sister this morning before church, but apparently the magic was resistant to video. Still, we loved the understated result.

*ps, why can't I upload my own photos or vidoes to the blog? there's some horrible new format that is NOT working for me, frustration. sorry for glitches*

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hard Slog

Yesterday K. and I finished our fifth week of P90X. If you have no idea what that means: (a) consider yourself lucky, and (b) you're not going to understand much of this post, so here's a link. Having learned to anticipate my now annual winter doldrums, I was looking for something to keep me active after the marathon, at least until it was warm enough to start running again. Since P90X is a thirteen week commitment--a complete season of cross-training--it seemed like just the ticket to get me through the hard winter.

Here's what our mornings will look like this week:

Mon. -- 57 minutes of core strength
Tues. -- 43 minutes of cardio
Wed. -- 55 minutes of nonstop pushups and free weights, then 16 minutes of gutbusters
Thur. -- 92 minutes of ashtanga yoga torture
Fri. -- 58 minutes of pullups, squats and leg raises, then 16 minutes of gutbusters
Sat. -- 58 minutes of punches, kicks and blocks

Here are some observations so far:

1. I told a coworker that K. and I were thinking about doing P90X after the marathon. He raised his eyebrows and said: "It's intense." Then he chuckled.

2. Handing me the box of DVDs and equipment, our friend said: "Now, just to warn you, it's intense." Then she raised her eyebrows.

3. After the first day, I was sore all through my torso.

4. After the second day, I was sore in completely different places.

5. And so on.

6. I won't tell you where I'm sore today.

7. I have gained at least six pounds since we started. I don't know how much of it is muscle, but I feel pretty solid.

8. Especially around the shoulders.

9. Dreya Weber is way too serious, but I like her Groucho Marx.

10. This week during kenpo my heart rate got up to 179, which got me a wag from K.'s finger. Apparently you're not supposed to do that.

11. This is the first time K. and I have kept to the same regimen. I doubt this would have worked any other way.

12. Tony Horton earns every penny they're paying him.

13. Also, I can't believe he's in his 50s.

14. More than any other exercise, it's yoga that leaves me feeling good and alive for the rest of the day.

15. I dread the first 45 minutes of yoga more than anything else.

16. We took "before" pictures. You're not going to see them.

17. Same for the "after" pictures.

18. By the third week, you really start to notice the results. Totally worth it.