Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lucy Keeps Asking, "Is it winter?"

Lucy's preschool teacher apparently informed her that it wasn't officially winter, so she was very confused on December 19th...
(You can see the rectangular decorative door-marks there in the packed snow if you look carefully).

We realize many of our blog readers have seen snow before, but this is also for the benefit of the grandparents in snowless climes. We invite you to enjoy all the white without the puddles tracked in and the baggies of snowballs saved in the freezer!

These bushes outside this window had been trimmed to sill-level. And in fact, on the back deck, our informal gauge of how deep it was getting was Nora's tricycle, which eventually was completely covered. One handlebar was the last holdout, but finally went under by morning.

School was canceled for the remaining two days before the holiday break was due to start, so we're delighting in extra time to bake cookies, sing Christmas carols, and scuttle around the house with secretive looks on our faces. (Or in my case, occasional worried looks when I can't remember where I've hidden something.)

We're having a white Christmas, baby!