Monday, November 19, 2012

Percy Jackson Party

We daringly invited 11 of these to our house this weekend:

They played capture the flag, pinned-the-eye-on-a-Cyclops, and fought Kronos (older brother Ian) with half a dollar-store pool noodle.

We made shrinky-dink Camp Half-Blood necklaces:

We fed them sloppy Joes (unthematic, just fun), blue Jello cake and "magic" blue soda.  I put a drop of blue food coloring in the bottom of each cup in advance, so when I poured the ginger ale it bubbled up blue in front of their eyes.  I can't believe they didn't catch on, but they so didn't!

We sent them home with t-shirts, chocolate coins (drachma), mentos (like Minos?), and bubbles (the Mist).

All to celebrate this:

We love you, Sage!  Happy Eleventh!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tough Mudder

I'm going to totally mooch off of our friend (and photographer) to show you the event that S. did a few weeks back, since we've been too lazy to post about it:

It was a military-style obstacle course over about 12 miles of track.  The spot that sounded scariest to me was having to jump in a tank of 34-degree ice water and submerge yourself to swim under a barrel...not to mention the 12 miles, of course.

So, check out the documentation on This Is Us.  Of course, more of the pictures are of S.'s teammate, whose wife had the camera -- but if you look for a guy in a long-sleeved blue shirt, blue backpack, and white (or whitish, after the mud) stripe on his shorts, S. is visible in a bunch of shots.  The kids and I didn't get to make the trip to watch, but we're glad someone else was able to capture the hard-core fun!

The linked blog has 61 photos, and S. is in these if you count 'em: 2, 7 (off on the left), 8, 16, 23, *24, 26, 27 (upper corner), 28, 29 (lower corner), 30 has just his arm, *40, *45, 47, 52, 53, 57, 58, 60, and 61.  *Nice heroic solo portraits :)