Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farm Fun Days

A quick post since my husband is being laaaazy -- ah, I mean busy. He is understandably short of time, having been made Young Mens president in our recent ward rearrangements. (Not that I'm not busy, but never mind that.) It's the first week of summer vacation, and so I'm putting up a few pictures of our farm outing today to keep the blog ball rolling. It's a good thing I don't have to vote on who's the cutest in these shots, because there are a lot of contenders.

These little piggies were born last Thursday, and were the reason we came today. Two weeks ago just the little girls and I visited for the first time, and this sow was hugely pregnant. Lucy has since been plaintively asking when we can go see if the baby piglets were born.

Sage has such a soft heart for animals, I love the way they light up her face.

Just a nice luminous shot of Nora, and it was indeed taken at the farm so it "counts".

I think the kids (Lucy and Ian in particular) spent the majority of their time at the farm pushing weeds through the chicken wire. I figure chickens forage in meadows naturally so it wasn't hurting anything, but after a while I wasn't sure who was bothering who more, the pecking chickens -- Nora went away crying with a pecked finger -- or the weed pushers (ha ha).

They really are cute until they poop...and I'll leave that "they" purposely undefined.

Beautiful world.