Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ian's Corner: Pokemon Fan Fiction


Thud! Ash Ketchum fell out of bed. “pika…” Ash awoke with a start. He realized he had knocked pikachu out of bed, too. Just then his alarm rang—unusually. Frg-rrrumg-zzzzzzzzz-bnfzzz-k-k-k-puh. “What’s wrong with my alarm clock?!” thought Ash aloud, springing off the floor, ‘alarmed’. He dashed downstairs, dialed a number on the telephone, (it happened to be the electricians,) and asked him to fix it. The electrician said he would NOT fix an alarm at five in the morning, so Ash decided to have an early breakfast. Ash poured way too much cereal, and in his hurry to fix that, spilled it all onto the floor. His alarm rang again—rtyeszz-j-j-gggrvc-rert! Ash banged his head on the floor. He was soaked, his alarm clock was broken. Meanwhile, the noise had woken up Misty and Brock. “What’s going on?” muttered Brock, and Misty turned on the light to have breakfast. “Toge-toge-pi!” Misty’s togepi laughed. “Piiiiiiiikachu!” pikachu yawned. Then everyone went downstairs to have breakfast. “Ash! What happened to you?!” misty exclaimed. “None of your business.” Grumbled Ash, abandoning his breakfast. Ash raced upstairs & desperately tried to fix his alarm. It took 10 minutes to figure out what to do, and 25 minutes to get everything he needed. The room was so noisy Ash couldn’t hear Misty’s school alarm, and they didn’t realize he was missing until 10 minutes on the bus—and neither did Ash. Ash cursed, and after 15 minutes, he remembered something. He grabbed a poke’ ball from his belt and said: “charizard, I choose you!” “char! “Okay, buddy, fly me to school fast! “CHAAAR!” charizard roared as he lifted off on his wings and accidentally breaking the door hinges. He flew fast. They landed at the school entrance. Ash raced at lightning speed, stopping only at the door of his classroom. Unable to believe his eyes, he stared into the classroom, drop-jawed. He ran all over the building, but it seemed his class had been abandoned.(his class was at lunch.) He finally walked back to his classroom, pooped. And there was his class! He walked into his normal seat in between… wait! Where were Brock and misty? As if she had read Ash’s mind, Ms. McSee said: “Ash Ketchum, where were you? Your friends are looking all over for you right now!” and just then they came in! “Ash!” Brock said, amazed. “pika pi!” “pikachu!” Ash cried. “I guess this morning can’t get much worse.” Ash remarked. And he was right.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The New Year

We spent New Year's Eve at the state park soaking up the sun and running through the brambles. The next morning, first of the new year, we took advantage of the warm weather to hike another trail behind the local natural history museum. The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Double Grammy Whammy

Happy Birthdays to Grandma C. and Grandma G! Sorry it took so long to get this posted, but we thought you both might like to see a brief grandchild performance (including some silly faces by Ian). Nora also made an appearance, showing some of her fine motor skills. Love from all of us!